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Karnali River

Nepal's Mightiest River

Karnali RiverKarnali River, the largest and longest river in Nepal, is the destination of most rafters in Nepal. Karnali river, known as Ghaghara in India, literally means ' holy water from the sacred mountain'. The river is ideal for long rafting trips. The lowland trek joining strength with few impressive canyons makes Karnali an unforgettable river rafting trip in Nepal. While kayaking in the river one passes amidst dense forests and picturesque natural beauty. For the lovers of big volume river rafting, Karnali river is safe to recommend.

Fast Facts
Location Mid Western Nepal
Speciality Largest and longest river
Distance 180 km
Rafting Duration 5 days
Point in Sauli/ Syauli
Point Out Chisopani
Best Season to Visit
  • October to Decenber
  • March to May
Nearby Attractions Royal Bardia National Park

The Experience
Rafting in Karnali river is not an ordinary trip for any rafter. The trek comes for the rafters' enjoyment with some of the most beautiful canyongs in Nepal. Diversity in flora and fauna is incredible. Rapids in the river get huge after the monsoon rains. Flow of the water increases when river slices through some narrow canyons. Those who desire to experience breathtaking scenery, scintillating action and enjoyment of a long trip should go for a ride in Karnali river.
Rapids like 'Flip and Strip', 'Captivity' and 'Gods House' compete with one another for providing excitement to the rafters. The river broadens as it bids adieu to the the mountains. Beaches become more beautiful and forests thick.

The Rapids
The rapids you encounter in the early part are comparatively easy, but as you enter the main canyon it becomes thrill every minute. There is a rapid waiting for you every corner. The rafting expedition here is for expert rafters. Not underestimate the trip for the terrain is wild. In case you have decided to take the services of a commercial company, properly check out theri experience on the river. Second half of the Karnali could come as an anti-climax for the few, for it has little white water. But plenty of wilderness and wildlife make up for it.

Salient Features
Nearby Attractions
Safari at Royal National Bardia Park
The Karnali river slices through the Royal Bardia National Wildlife Preserve, arguably the finest wildlife reserve in Nepal. Bardia of today is what Chitwan was 20 years ago. Stays at the luxurious Tiger Tops lodge and tented camp are very exciting . One can enjoy plethora of activities ranging from elephant safaris, canoeing amongst marsh mugger crocodiles, jungle walks and bird watching in the park.

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