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Lakes in Nepal

Flowing with All Their Beauty

Lakes in NepalMajestic, splendid and holy... the lakes of Nepal are reverred not only for their natural beauty but also for the spiritual importance attached to them. There are around two hundred lakes in Nepal of glacial and tectonic origin. Mountain lakes like Rara, Phoksundo and Phewa are majestic in extent and beauty.

Fast Facts
Lake Category Location Water Surface Area (hct)
Rara Tal Mountain Lake Mugu District 1000
Phewa Tal Mid-hill lake Pokhara 523
GosikundaTal Mountain lake Himal region -
Pokshundu Tal Montain Lake Dopla District 180

Other Popular Lakes in Nepal
Mid-hill Lakes Low Land Lakes
Begnas Tal Rupia Tal
Rupa Tal Gadhbhijala Tal
Deepang Tal Nakhrodi Tal
Khaste Tal Badhaiya Tal
Maidee Tal Sakhunia Tal
Syarpu Tal BudhiTal
Rokum Tal Gaindhawa Tal
Mahadev Tal Beesh Hazar Tal
Kailali Halkhoria Tal

Nepal lakes are famous for their crystal clear water, scenic backgrounds and the adventure activities that they offer. Cited below are two of the activities that keep you fresh and vigorous like the blue waters of the lakes themselves.


The pleasure of touching water waves while siting on a boat cannot be described in words. A relaxing boat drive on Phewa lake of Pokhara is one of the most soothing experiences in Nepal. Leisure boating can be done in various locations. Pokhara, set in a lush topical alley, with a backdrop of the Annapurna range, is blessed with many lakes and is the most famous spot for boating activities.

The Phewa, Begnas and Rupa lakes provide enough space for boating experiences. Phewa Lake is Pokhara's prime attraction for photographers, boaters and shore side strollers.Visitors love sending an hour or two rowing (or being rowed by one of the local boats men) through the many inlets, with a visit to the Varahi island temple.

Nepal, the world's second rich country in the water resources having numbers of rivers and lakes, is an ideal location for fishing and angling. There are some specific ethnic group in the hills and Terai region of Nepal whose lifestyle has been based on Fishing. Bote, Majhi, Tharu and Machhuwar are some of them.

With approximately 118 varieties of fresh water fish found in the Himalayan waters of Nepal, fishing can be really exciting. Mahaseer is the most commonly sought sport fish, besides mountain stream trout-like varieties and lowland water species. Pokhara's crystal clear lakes are the best for fishing.
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