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Makalu Mountain

The Perfect Pyramid

MakaluMount Makalu, holding its place among mountains in world at fifth place, is located nearly 14 miles away from Mount Everest. Structure quite similar to a pyramid makes the mountain look unique. Nature has blessed the region with unbelievable diversity of beauty. Attractions like Great Himalayan peaks carpeted by snow, quaint villages, exotric villages and impressive riversided never cease to impress tourists who have come for trek.

Location China-Nepal Border
Altitude 8,463 m (27,765 feet)
Importance 5th Highest Peak in the World
Best Trek Season April to May & Late September to October
Region Khumbu Himal
Mountain Range Himalaya

Trekking Route
The Makalu Base camp trek is a true adventure with scenery so beautiful that it never tires you. This trek trail expedition takes you to Makalu Base Camp (5250 m), now designated as Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area.

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu

Day 02: Sightseeing at the Kathmandu valley

Day 03: Flight: Kathmandu - Tumlingtar (860 m), Trek to Khadbari (1,040m) (4 hrs). Camp

Day 04: Trek Khadbari to Chichila (1,830 m) (5/6 hrs). Camp

Day 05: Trek Chichila to Num (1,490 m) (5 hrs). Camp

Day 06: Trek Num to Sedua (1,460 m) (5/6 hrs). Camp

Day 07: Trek Sedua to Tashi Gaon (2,070 m) (5 hrs). Camp

Day 08: Trek Tashi Gaon to Kauma (3,470 m) (6 hrs). Camp

Day 09: Rest / Exploration day at Kauma. Camp

Day 10: Trek Kauma to Mumbuk (3,570 m) (5 hrs). Camp

Day 11: Trek Mumbuk to Nhe Kharka (3,000 m) (6 hrs). Camp

Day 12: Trek Nhe Kharka to Sherson (4,615 m) (7 hrs). Camp

Day 13: Trek Sherson to Makalu Base Camp (5,000 m) (4/5 hrs). Camp

Day 14: Explore Makalu Base Camp

Day 15: Trek Makalu Base Camp to Nhe Kharka (3,000 m) (7 hrs). Camp

Day 16: Trek Nhe kharka to Mumbuk (3,570 m) (6 hrs). Camp

Day 17: Trek Mumbuk to Kauma (3,470m) (5 hrs). Camp

Day 18: Trek Kauma to Tashi Gaon (2,070 m) (5 hrs). Camp

Day 19: Trek Tashi Gaun to Pukuwa (1,520 m) (6 hrs). Camp

Day 20: Trek Pukuwa to Bumling (1,160 m) (5 hrs). Camp

Day 21: Trek Bumling to Tumlingtar (860 m) (4 hrs). Camp

Day 22: Flight: Tumlingtar - Kathmandu

Day 23: Explore and enjoy Kathmandu

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