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Public Holidays in Nepal

Here is concise information about public holidays in Nepal. Most national holidays in Nepal are associated with religious festivals. On public holidays, banks and other necessary facilities remain closed. Information about pulic holidays can be very useful for tourists who desire to have their holidays in Nepal.

National & Public Holidays Month
Prithvi Diwas January
Shahid Diwas January
Prajatantra Diwas February
Falgun Purnima March
Mahashivratri March
Ramnawami March
New Year April
Buddha Jayanti May
Children's Day August
Raksha Bandhan/Janai Purnima August
Krishna Janmashtami September
Ashtami September
Vijaya Dashami September
Laxmi Puja October
Gobardhan Puja October
Bhai Tika October
Sambidhan Diwas November

Nepali Calendar
Nepali calendar year, which runs from April to March, is 57 years ahead of European calendar years. Festival dates in the country are dictated by the Lunar calendar. The Nepali year commences in mid-April and is segregated into 12 months.

In the following table, classical names, colloquial names and their English equivalent names have been given. With the help of the table, one can easily match Nepali calendar names with their English equivalents. For example, Falgun is Nepali month for period of mid-February to mid-March.
Classical Name Colloquial Name English Equivalent
Vaishakh Baisakh Mid-April to mid-May
Jyesth(a) Jeth Mid-May to mid-June
Aashaadh Asaar Mid-June to mid-July
Srawan Saun Mid-July to mid-August
Bhadra(a) Bhadau/ Bhadan Mid-August to mid-September
Aaasvin Asoj Mid-September to mid-October
Kaarttik Kaattik Mid-October to mid-November
Margshirs Mansir Mid-November to mid-December
Paus Poos / Pas Mid-December to mid-January
Maagh Maagh Mid-January to mid-February
Falgun Fagun Mid-February to mid-March
Chaitra Chaita Mid-March to mid-April
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