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Nepalgunj Travel

The Industrial and Transport Hub

NepalgunjThe Western border town of Nepal, Nepalgunj is famous for the exciting treks to the Dopolo plateau and Jumla region. Known as the industrial and transport hub of the country, Nepalgunj has various attractions: Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur and Sadar Line to name a few. The border crossing, 6 km south of Nepalganj, is one of a limited number of places where non-Indian foreigners are allowed to cross the border with India.

Fast Facts
Location Far West Nepal, Banke region of Terai
Population 60,000 people
Native Language Awadhi, Nepali And Tharu
Tourism Language English
Temperature Max: 36°C & Min: 6°C
Nearby Cities Kathmandu (531 kms)

Major Tourist Attractions
The multi lingual and multi ethnic city of Nepalgunj welcomes visitors to explore the other side of this industrial city. Nepalgunj offers a relaxing atmosphere to the tourists heading toward other destinations in Nepal. The following the main attractions of Nepalgunj.

» Gharbaritole
» Ganeshpur
» Sadar Line
» Koreanpur
» Belaspur
» B.P. Chowk
» Mini Zoo
» Muslim Bazar
» Indian Border Crossing
» Rapti River

Things To Do In Nepalgunj
Visit Grasscutters' Lane
Want to get the real flavour of country life in Nepal. Head toward grasscutters' lane in Nepalgunj. This old section of Nepalgunj is indeed a special place. The grasscutters will make you familiar to the traditions and life of the rural Nepal. The grasscutting platform, is therefore, a place not to be missed.

Bite Into The Street Food
Head towards the Surkhet road to savor the mouth watering Sekuwa. Sekuwa is simply grilled meats, mostly chicken, with a bit of condiments and a lot of spices. You can't resist the temptation of asking for more.

Adventure Royal Bardia National Park
Footloose yourself and get ready to meet deers, boars, wild elephants, crocodiles, dolphins and blue bulls at the Royal Bardia National Park. With more than 350 species of birds, Bardia is truly a bird-watchers' paradise. The elephant safaris at the park will transcend you to a different world.

Explore The Unexplored
Get to know the social conditions of the Terai by visiting Kamiyas. An off-beaten tourist place, the village will take close to nature and to be peace with yourself. To see the Kamaiya camps, the nearest are up the Surkhet road to Kohalpur and then west on the Mahendra Highway.

Shop At Nepalgunj
Karnali Hotel close to Nepalgunj airport is the holding place for a modest export of beans from Humla. Very colorful and tasty... the beans are Neplalunj's speciality. Though expensive than the regular brown beans, the Humla beans are worth shelling out those extra bucks from your pocket...

Trekking Expeditions From Nepalgunj
One the most famous trekking expedition of Nepal starts from Nepalgunj. You can head towards trekking in Dolpo and Jumla region from Nepalgunj.The open wild landscape, and Shey Phoksumdo lake that changes its color with the change of weather are the main attractions of this trek. While the sun disappears lake becomes dark blue/ the turquoise color.

Upper Dolpo & Shey Gompa Trek
Upper Dolpo region is situated in the northwestern Nepal, a few kms away from Nepalgunj. It is the upper area of the Tarap Khola and Shey Phokundo lake. The route passes through dry land of the valley ,snow-capped peaks and the desolate plateau.

Trekking into the Jumla region is one of the most astonishing and charming treks. Attraction sof this region are the landscapes, flowers, Rara lake, flora and fauna, Jumli culture and villages. Rara lake is surrounded by the forest of Oak, Juniper, blue pine, spruce and cypress. The route passes through villages, several rivers, forest of fir, walnut, birch, juniper and pine. Rara, the largest Lake in Nepal, is in the high elevation towards the north west of Nepal with its unique culture, dramatic landscape and some historically important places are on the way.

Art & Culture
Nepalgunj is a multi-ethnic city with people of various communities living together happily.

Nepalgunj has a very diverse culture. Hill-nepalis, Indians, Muslims, Hhindus and Buddhists cultural groups can be found here.

How To Reach
By Air
» Regular flights are available to Kathmandu and remote hilly towns in Karnali zone which are considered paradise for trekkers because of the scenic beauty, the gateway to Mansarovar in China and Rara lake.
» Nepalgunj Airport lies 6 km north of town easily approachable by shared tempo, rickshaw or vehicles provided by travel agencies. All the airlines, operating STOL aircraft, helicopter and bigger jet aircrafts, have offices around Birendra square or B. P. square and airport area. Also you can have your hotel make the booking or go to any travel agency. A number of travel agencies can be found from V.P.Square to Virendra square to Dhamboji to Pushpalal square and also few on New road.

By Road
» Bus services out of Nepalganj are centered near and from bus-stand in Dhamboji. Regular day and night buses head towards Kathmandu, Pokhara, Thakurdwara (Bardia Wildlife Reserve park), Mahendra Nagar, Dhangadi, Karnali, Butwal, Biratnagar etc.
» Vehicles like car, cab, taxi and auto rickshaw are easily available and can be arranged through any of the hotels or the main road southwest of B. P. square or from airport.

Local Transport
» Getting around Nepalganj during daylight hours is very easy and reasonable by rickshaws. The airport can also be reached by rickshaw, and if you have time taking a rickshaw from the airport back into town will be a good way of arrive in town. You can also get to the Indian border by rickshaw.
» Taxis, though costlier than rickshaws are comfortable for those carrying luggage. They also serve as faster means of transportation.
Rickshaws, taxis and buses run all over within the city.

Nice to Know
According to a legend, Phoksumdo Lake near Nepalgunj was formed by a spiteful female demon. The demon was fleeing from the Saint Padmasambhava village and gave the villagers a turquoise after they promised not to tell that she had passed by. Padmasambhava turned the turquoise into a lump of dung, which upset folks and they revealed the demon's whereabouts. She, in retaliation, caused a flood that sweeped off the whole village.

Nepalganj is a town in Nepal, located in the Banke district of the Bheri region (Terai), near Nepal's southern border with India. Known as the transport hub for western Nepal, the town is the starting point of the most adventurous treks to Dopla and Jumla regions. The major places in Nepalgunj are Gharbaritole, Ganeshpur, Sadar Line, Koreanpur, Belaspur, B.P. Chowk. The border crossing, 6 km south of Nepalganj, is one of a limited number of places where non-Indian foreigners are allowed to cross the border with India.

Contact Nepalgunj Help Line for inquiries
Tel: +(977)-(81)-20745, 22568
Fax: +(977)-(81)-20029
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