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Phewa Lake

Pride of Pokhara

Phewa LakeBoat trip in the lovely Phewa Lake is the foremost attraction of Pokhara. Paddling out into the middle of the lake is a nice way to spend a quite afternoon. Phewa lake is the largest lake in Pokhara valley and the second largest lake in Nepal. Encircled by Sarangkot and Kaskikot hills, the lake holds a pagoda-style temple. Another attraction is the reflection of Mount Machhapuchhre and Annapurna range on the crystal clear water of the lake. While boating in Phewa Lake, you can see several varitiies of fish.

Fast Facts
Location Pokhara
Significance Second largest lake in Nepal
Major Attraction Island Temple in the mid of the Lake
Famous For Boating

» Tourist can hire a boat and sail or row it in the lake. They can use it for travelling to the Island temple in its middle.
» Pheva is the second largest lake in Nepal measuring 105m by 4 km.
» It is the largest and most enchanting of the three lakes that add to the attraction of Pokhara, the resort town.
» The eastern shore is preferred as home base by the travellers. It is popularly known as Baidam. Most hotels, restaurants and handicraft shops are located in this part.

Major Attractions
Barahi Bhagwati Temple
The Barahi Temple is the most important religious monument in resort town Pokhara. Erected in the Center of Phewa Lake, this two-storied pagoda is dedicated to Varahi, the Hindu god Vishnu's third incarnation in the form of a wild boar. The faituful can be seen, especially on Saturdays, carrying animals and fowl across the lake. It is believed that sacrifice to the deity bring good luck.

The eastern banks of Pheva lake, known as Lakeside or Baidam, have seemingly endless strip of hotels, lodges, restaurants, bookshops and souvenir shops. It is a popular travel stop. It is also the starting point to the adventurous expedition to Pundi.

Shrinking of Phewa
Phewa originally used to cover an area of 9 sq km but now has been reduced to 4.43 sq. km. Geologically the rocks of either side of Phewa are slate and quartzite and make anticline structure along the axis of the lake.
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