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Phoksundo Lake

The Sacred Lake

Phoksundo LakePhoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in Nepal, offers stunning beauty. Considered sacrosanct by the Dopla locals, it is praised for its aquamarine greenish blue color. No aquatic life in the lake pronounces that the water is crystal clear. Called by the seasoned travellers the jewel of Dolpo, Phoksundo Lake gives refreshing experience to the eyes. Ringed by tall snow-capped mountains, view of Phoksundo Lake is an extremely satisfying experience.

Fast Facts
Location Lower Dopla Region
Significance Deepest Lake in the Himalayan Region
Depth 650 m
Length 4.8km
Known For Aquamarine greenish colour

Nearby Attraction
Shey Phoksundo National Park
Shey-Phoksundo National Park is situated in the mountain region of Western Nepal near the Phokshundo Lake covering parts of Dopla and Mugu Districts. Gazetted in 1984, it is the largest national park in the country with an area of 3,555 sq. km. The main objectives of the park are to preserve the unique Himalayan ecosystem with its typical Tibetan type of flora and fauna, and to protect endangered species such as the snow leopard and musk deer.

The holy Phoksundo Lake flows with full vigour amidst the Himalayan mountains. The view of Himlayas add to the beauty of the lake. Cited below are some of the highlights of Phoksundo Lake and its adjoining areas.

» Magnificent views of great Himalayan peaks
» Breathtaking landscapes
» Large numbers of ancient monasteries
» Different communities like Bon and Buddhists
» The crystal clear Phoksundo Lake
» Sparkling Waterfalls

Dolpo Region
Dolpo, a remote area, is located in the north east part of Nepal. The timeworn place has had close relations with Tibet. Trekkers were allowed to Dolpo as late as 1990. However, to remain far from the limelight has its own benefits. Dolpo has been able to preserve its wonderful beauty. Trekkers can soak in the wonderful scenic view of Phoksundo Lake, and, at the same time, enjoy the intriguing culture of Ringmo village which is a mix of Nepalese and Tibetan influences. Monsoon in Dolpo region is interuppted by the Dhaulagiri range. This means that trekking can only be done in summer season.

» It is a lake with a Buddhist legend and therefore swimming and bathing is prohibited.
» The water of the lake is devoid of any aquatic life and so the lake is absolutely pure.
» Only a few migrating birds visit the lake.
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