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RaftingRafting in Nepal is an experience which pumps thrill inside one's body. Few other countries offer such wide choice of multi-day trips amidst marvellous mountain surroundings. Add to this bubbly rivers, exotic wildlife and friendly people, and the joy increases manifold. If you think rafting in Nepal is all about mountains and rivers, you are mistaken. While you go for rafting, you also enjoy magnificent temples, craft shopping, lovely scenic views and intriguing culture.
Major Rafting Rivers
Name Location Distance Duration
Trisuli Central Nepal 38 km ½ day
Sunkoshi Eastern Nepal 270 km 9 days
Marshyangdi Western Nepal 47 km 4 days
Seti Western Nepal 35 km 2 days
Kali Gandaki Western Nepal 70 km 5 days
Karnali Mid Western Nepal 180 km 5 days

The Trisuli River
Accessibility makes Trisuli river very popular kayaking river in Nepal. Club a rafting trip on the Trisuli with the tours of Pokhara, Annapurna treks and safaris in the Royal Chitwan National Park. Picturesque valleys, deep gorges, thrilling rapids, easy sections as well as the right amount of time, all make Trisuli an ideal trip for both first-timers or experienced kayakers.

Given below are the fine points of a rafting trip to Trisuli River:

» Impressive gorges and thrilling rapids like S Bend, Pin Ball, Tea Pot and Rocky.
» Plenty of wildlife, large number of colorful birds, including eagles, vultures, wild crocodiles and rhino by the riverside.

The Sunkoshi River
Rafting on river Sun Koshi is a memorable experience. The trip takes one through one of the most remote, untouched countryside and little hamlets of the beautiful Mahabharata Lekh Range of Himalayas. Moods of Sunkoshi can never be predicted. It is serene and tranquil one moment; wild and turbulent the next. Always challenging the rafters, it is the ultimate in Nepal river adventure.

Given below are the fine points of a rafting tour to the Sunkoshi River:

» Exciting Bridge, Krishna and Mangal rapids.
» Fascinating view of Mahabharata Lekh of Himalayas.

The Marsyangdi River
The rafting excursion to Marsyangdi River commences with a deep and pathless gorge, which steadily eases into arid valleys and landscapes. Marsyangdi is the mightiest river in Nepao that descends through the Himalayas in a series of impressive gorges.

Given below are the fine points of a rafting trip to the Marsyangdi River:

» Impressive mountain backdrops, narrow gorges, vertical cliffs, and colorful villages present excellent adventure
» Technically best rapids to encounter

The Seti River
Flowing in between the picturesque Mansalu and Annapurna regions, river Seti provides a short rafting expedition. During monsoons, the swollen rapids of this beautiful river prove an exciting test for the experienced rafters and kayakers. The rafting expedition on the river Seti is one of the most beautiful short river expeditions available in Nepal.

Cited below are the highlights of a rafting trip to the Seti River:

» Contrasting scenic beauties of Manaslu and Annapurna regions
» Nearby tour attractions of Royal Chitwan National Park and Annapurna region
» Impressive gorges and exciting rapids

Kali Gandaki
Kali Gandaki is a beautiful and sprightly river with good gorges, exotic wildlife and a feeling of remoteness. The river journeys through narrow valleys and canyons, next to tumbling waterfalls, and conventional Magar and Chettri villages.

Given below are the fine points of a rafting trip to the Kali Gandaki River:

» The river moves through the world's deepest gorge between Dhaulagiri, height 8,167 m. to the west and Annapurna 8,091 m to the East

Karnali River
Thrilling white water rapids, lush forest vegetation and plenty of wildlife... rafting can get all this and much more by rafting in the Karnali river. Karnali, largest, longest and mightiest river in Nepal offer lot of powerful rapids and beautiful scenery which stretches for miles. Deep river gorges and pristine river banks lure the guest throughout the year.

Given below are the fine points of a rafting trip to the Karnali River:

» Gorgeous rapids like God's House, and gorges like Jungle Corridor
» Great fishing opportunities
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