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Sunkoshi River

The River of Gold

Sunkoshi RiverWhite water rapids and picturesque scenery describe the Sunkoshi river. Sunkoshi or 'River of Gold' is considered one of the ten best rafting/kayaking rivers in the world. Sunkoshi is termed as an unpredictable river. It has its own moods: serene and tranquil one moment; wild and turbulent the next. It is always changing, always challenging, the ultimate in the river adventure. So, Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with good reasons.

Rafting adventure in Sun koshi river enables one to enjoy immensely beautiful mountain scenery and remote villages. Local inhabitants can be witnessed in this hamlets busy in their daily work. To view all this while flowing rapidly in the river current is amazing. Rapids can acquire great mass during rainy seasons but it is not safe rafting in that season.

Fast Facts
Location Eastern Nepal
Nickname River of Gold
Distance 270 km
Accessibility 3 hours drive, east to Kathmandu
Put-in point Dolalghat
Put-out point Chatara
Time for Rafting 10-12 days

Rafting in the waters of river Sun Koshi is a wild experience which fills thrill in the hearts of the rafters. They move through one of the most remote, untrampled countrysides. Impressive Mahabharata Lekh Range of the Himalayas can be viewed while rafting in Sunkoshi the path takes one through one of the most remote, untouched countryside and small villages of the beautiful Mahabharata Lekh Range of the Himalayas. The following is the exciting day-to-day route map of the rafting expedition on Sun Koshi.

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